simplifying and a giveaway

October 29, 2011

Crazy town.
That's my official new name for my home and little family. For the past few weeks we have been painting and packing, moving rooms, furniture and gear. Not to a new home though, oh no, just around and around the same little place. Our abode of STUFF.
We are drowning in stuff and I am trying my darndest to say goodbye to doilies and dollies and dresses and other such doodads that are not completing a simple picture of what we want in our lives.
This is not the first nor the last time that we face the never ending piles that are life at it's grandest but perhaps the first that we are truly taking count of the things that are meant to be here and those that choke us. Have you heard the advice of needing to rid your home of those things that do not bring:
1. joy
2. beauty
3. purpose
and so the game begins.
To each thing old comes another new into our lives.
Garage sale glory this weekend...

pretty garden painting to bring the outdoors in.

sweet romper for p. $3.

Still finding time for the good things. Thank goodness they are every place I turn.

And how gorgeous are P's new hair pins. I love that Australia is filled with busy hands turning out new amazing things, like these clips by Haylee at PIN+LOVE.

Since the blog world is so filled with all you gorgeous+ loves, Haylee has very generously put up for offer the following 4 clips.

Big or small people look delightful sporting pretty in their hair.
To win, just leave a comment below. For an extra chance, pop over to PIN+LOVE, pick a favourite and come back to let me know. 2 chances, ain't life grand!
Will pick a winner at random next Sunday night. That's the 6th of November.

And my wrap up, the most joy a girl can find when she uploads her last round of snaps. My world.

Contest closed.

Congrats lovely Claire., xx

Happy weekend to all,
♡ ashley


  1. Oh Ashley, I am so there. Currently trying to de-clutter, get rid of, simplify... I need space to breathe, to be. I'm so overwhelmed with 'stuff'. Stuff that brings neither joy, beauty or purpose. It's suffocating!
    Love both the print and the romper, Fred Bare for $3, can't go wrong! Definitely brings joy, beauty and purpose!

    Those clips are too cute - though I imagine it will still be a little while before Lalie has locks enough to be pinned! x

  2. Piper has the most gorgeous hair :) Extremely cute hair clips!

  3. OK, I love them all but the toadstools are probably my favourite ones!

  4. Ashley, do you think once you are done you could come and simplify our place? It needs a thorough going through with the most critical of eyes...I think I will use the joy/beauty/purpose mantra and be ruthless!! It will be nice to feel less cluttered.

    Love the clips and totally love your wall art :)


  5. I find I have to declutter about twice a year to save my sanity. Even if you don't bring the stuff in yourself, family, neighbours and friends will be sure to. The garden print and romper are lovely finds. Love the pretty little clips.

  6. I'm trying to declutter too - we have a spare room that Elsa is moving into and it's full of stuff! Big job!

    The clips are so sweet - I love the rabbit ones.

  7. Piper is getting so big and more and more gorgeous all the time. Crazy town here too - always :)

  8. I love a good clear out ... but it's just so hard with the kids around - I put stuff in the bag to take to the op shop and they pull it out again!!

    Oh and as for those gorgeous gorgeous clips - count me in please!

  9. those clips are just beautiful. im in! xo

  10. Painting the stairway today in my house and trying to stay on top of the constant de-cluttering/organizing that happens in our small bungalow with 3 small boys~
    Love, love, love your blog

  11. would love to send these off to my niece. x.

  12. We're doing a similar thing, I've just started a brilliant book called simplicity parenting which is a great help. Thank you for your kind comments, it's good to know that there are some lurkers out there! Such sweet little clips. I don't think they would stay in Iris' hair for long though! x



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