a peek.

October 5, 2011

my most favourite thing to look at online is beautiful nooks in people's homes. inspirations founds and the way others manage to merge beauty between nappy changes and after school sport runs.
we have been working on our home, repainting and clearing out and started with the far back room. little piper's.
and now the last coat of paint is dry. everything is in it's place. exhale.
not a perfect kid's room in the magazine sense(or even in the amazing blogger mama sense!) but we all love it, including miss p and that was the point.
the amazing crochet rattle ball sailed across the seas to us from this lovely blogger (aren't we lucky!).
hooks hang at her reach, toys at the ready to play, pretty things to look at.
at least one nook in the house is complete.
wall stickers: here
bunting: here (thanks claire)

next stop, our room. time for the parents to make a wee palace.
happy hump day world,
♡ ashley

p.s. as i type this little pea is watching rasta mouse, has anyone seen this show,
HEE LARRY US! if your kid is going to watch tv might as well be about a rastafarian rodent, no?!


  1. I love looking at nook's too!

    And this little nook is divine! :)

    Equally glad i've found your blog xx

  2. Oh it looks so great! Fresh, airy and fun.
    Don't you love that bunting? So easy! Love the dream catcher :)

    I saw Rasta Mouse at my sister in laws the other week and I nearly peed my pants at how hilarious it is!!!

  3. What a gorgeous room - its just perfect.
    And yes, we too have had a giggle at rasta mouse!!

  4. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog - much appreciated.

    Just had a quick look at yours - what a delight!
    Will add you to my blogroll and look more later.

    What a lovely fresh looking room - gorgeous bunting and noticed the swirly whirly sculpturey things - my grandson has one of those!

  5. Am losing my marbles - already have you on my linky list!

  6. this gorgeous space is right up there with all those other cool amazing mama blogger magaziney rooms, for sure!!



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