the mighty toddler.

October 10, 2011

I have always thought I was a patient person. After all, I teach little people for a living, it requires patience. Then I was made into a mum and pushed to a few of my personal limits. Sleep deprivation and a whiny toddler are testing me.
Food flung at me, kung fu moves to avoid the high chair/ car seat/ pram. A keen interest in walking on the road wherever we may be. Hugging and kissing other little people before sinking in with her teethy whites. Giving me 2 seconds flat to pull my boob out at 5:30 in the morning or else suffer death curdling screams. Name it and she's doing it. The icing is that every single time she doesn't like what I am doing she storms through the house yelling, "DADA, DADA," clearly mama isn't cutting it...
So now more than ever I am learning what patience really is. How to keep my cool under crazy pressure. When I do, I can see the humour in so much of what is being learned. I am learning to pick my battles and BREATHE.
Some good things.

Springtime farmers markets mean an abundance of fresh goodies. Not long until our patch takes over in filling this fruit basket.

Being reminded that sand is indeed made to live outside the box too.
Ready for a whine, I mean wine.
Here's to a week of calm and compassionate mothering, deep breathing and making it to next Monday.
♡ ashley


  1. Hmm, I think wine is definitely in order! Children are equally as testing as they are rewarding. You are definitely cutting it, unfortunately Daddies are more of a novelty, our Mummy novelty has worn off! I've been reading a fab book that might interest you called Buddhism for Mothers. It's been helping me restore some of my zen too! ;) x

  2. Whine, wine - you deserve both. My sister in law is going through this toddler stage and it's rough. I can't say I'm looking forward to it. I'm not the most patient'll be a steep learning curve!

    I think it's a difficult time for them - torn between wanting independence but still needing to be close. The frustrations!!

    That fruit looks divine!!

  3. Oh yes, I so know what you mean..having been through the toddler stage with four already I was not particularly looking forward to the trials of going through it with our youngest...he is far too defiant and tests the boundaries at every turn, but thankfully they do outgrow this phase and the rewards far outweigh the bad :)


  4. I went through that so long ago with my first two that I've almost forgotten that stage. Almost. I do remember some extremely challenging times of over tired toddlers not wanting to nap. Tantrums too. But it does pass and if you are like me, you will have trouble remembering those days. Of course I'm just about to go through it all over again. I have a feeling I'm in for a wild ride with this little one :)

  5. This does not sound like much fun.
    I have just finished reading Buddhism for Mothers and its a book I know I will read and re-read many times.. I'm not the most patient person so I can only imagine how I will cope with the toddlerhood



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