October 17, 2011

As the summer begins it's wonderful swoop into our lives we are not wasting a single moment to bask in her glory. The yard has quickly transformed into a hand-me-down haven for all things. Every toy is welcome for the next little while as we open our doors to stray toddlers and their tired mamas to come and sit in the shade and enjoy living large.
On the weekends coronas and limes and bubbly vino are the go-to treats as we savour the longer days.
Early mornings where the sun is up before we are and we can play in the shadows and make homemade granola to provide the nutrients to fuel our full days and lives. If you don't have Apples for Jam the granola recipe in it is AMAZING.
The garden is growing and flowers blooming everywhere. Goodbye old winter, hello you gorgeous sunshiney summer.
Cheers to the next few months of basking!
Hope you are doing the same.
♡ ashley

p.s. apologies for the snot shots. p has been fighting the evil runny nose for countless weeks and we avoid antibiotics, etc. here so it is hard to capture many close-ups without the added textures. eww indeedy.


  1. Your backyard looks lovely and cool. And that Piper is super cute - even with snot!

  2. the backyard looks like a wonderland for Little Ones!
    I totally understand about the snot. It's always the last thing to clear up after a cold!

  3. Sounds like heaven! I love her bonnet, mega cute :)

  4. What a lovely haven your backyard is...I could see my little one losing himself for hours in a place like this :)
    I agree with Michelle...Piper is cute no matter what...and there is nothing wrong with keeping it real.


  5. Oh wow, I bet Piper and the strays have a (snot)ball in that back yard! x

  6. i'd like to bask in your backyard with a cold one in hand.

    ...and i'll have to give this apples for jam recipe a go. that book overflows with good things!


  7. Oh my, your little girl has the most amazing hair colour I've ever seen! She is gorgeous :-)



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