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September 3, 2011

I have been busily soaking in some articles found on the parenting site kindred.
I am not a 'crunchy' or 'attachment' or a 'green' parent. I am the best parent I can be. I wear Piper in an ergo carrier, am still breastfeeding, try to avoid preservatives and eat loads of organic. To be honest, most of these things I do because it is easier for me.
I also let her watch Sesame Street sometimes, and have shared ice cream cones with her.
I don't feel we need to put ourselves into a specific category as parents, and really shouldn't as that type of pressure is just what a mama, or dada doesn't need.
We need good tips and advice to make us happy and, better yet, to make resilient and empathetic children who know they are loved no matter what crowd they choose to join.
hmm, rambling....
One article I did come across on this site is here, Five reasons to stop saying, 'good job'. Which has inspired me to take a new challenge on board to change the way I deal with my child, the children I teach and most of the other little and big children I speak to. After I read this I caught myself saying, 'good clapping', 'good eating' and 'good walking' about a hundred times that same day.
I have the 'good' verbal tic something fierce.
I know that we need to encourage our children and each other, but perhaps it is time to get creative.
The more we overuse this type of praise the more our children learn to rely on our judgements. If we say 'good sharing' every time out child shares, they stop sharing for the value it holds and start doing so to please us.
We need to provide unconditional support to our little ones. To tell them 'good job' is to show that there is a chance it could have been 'bad job' and that we are always judging them.
Our expressions need to be genuine, and the good tic needs to be left behind.
Pop over to the above link to have a deeper look.
Perhaps a good challenge for us all...

This week's nuggets.

We have been spending more than our fair share of time hiding from storms inside. With spring about to sprung, we wait in anticipation for sunny days to dry our clothes and let us play in the dirt.

Piper set up her own game of peek-a-boo.
And managed to bite the head off a ladybug skittle...

This mama has been busy clickety-clacking the knitting needles, a head start for next winter.
AHhhhmmmm, as I said waiting to dry our clothing outside, as guest bedroom is not a happy place right now.

When I do sneak outside, I notice that everything is starting to sprout and bloom. Spring is a wonderful thing.

Off for a dinner date with my love. My other love will be in bed, with a neighbour watching over her for the first time. i will miss my good girl.
♡ ashley

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  1. Hi Ashley! I wanted to thank you so much for visiting my blog, so I thought the best way to do that was check out your little corner of the internet. Your pictures are so beautiful! I see that you also have a little red haired babe, too. How sweet!
    I look forward to following more of your stories and photos.

  2. Hello luv! Dig the new blog. xoxo

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment which led me to your blog. Really enjoy reading it - think I might come back later today, make a cup of tea and read your posts :)

  4. Lovely pictures and the link to kindred is really interesting.

  5. I also do these things because of ease..makes life so much easier when you have five and it's cheaper on the pocket too :)
    Your rosette beanie is gorgeous...I think I might just take your lead and start on some winter knitting for my children'.

  6. Hey Ashley, I like the new blog! Thanks for the article link, it was a really interesting read. Kellie xx

  7. i don't enjoy those pigeon holes or labels much either. off to check out that article, sounds like a good one!


  8. Really interesting article... makes so much sense. They are such sponges at this age - it's kind of scary... we have to think about everything we say/do.

    Love the new site design :) x

    P.S - Eulalie's crochet vest is just from target!!



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