the big Zzzs.

September 10, 2011

Last Saturday night we ventured out for our first dinner date since Piper was born. We had a blast (more than a few glasses of wine) and laughed a lot. One part of our conversation that wasn't very funny was in regards to the old sleep issue that haunts us in this neck of the woods. The words Issue and Haunts are never a good sign about how things are going.
This time we actually aren't sure if her sleep is wonky or not...
We don't know how we can feel sooo tired all the time. I thought she had been sleeping through most nights (with a start to the day at *shudder* 5:30 every day) but then realised that maybe the getting up and calming bub has become so common place I don't even know it's happening. Am I sleepwalking? Will the fog lift? We realised we aren't sure whether or not we sleep more than a few hours at night.
In the beginning I had people telling me, "Wait until she is 3 months/ 6 months/ 12 months and she'll start to sleep better"...alas, am still waiting. Except now am also working and that can be hard enough to manage without being on the slippery edge of that evil sleep deprivation slope.
At least I can pause and savour the best nuggets this week.

Molars coming.

She flies through the house with that felt ball and can whip it at us with deadly accuracy. The dog knows to take cover.

My trick for dealing with a tired mama day. A trip to the park, where she turns into a happy soul and climbs and contemplates life. Also, a latte in hand from local cafe is the icing on the playground cake.

Op Shop. $1. For reals.

Dinner. Frittata with smoked salmon, spinach from our patch and cherry tomatoes.

I am home alone as my man has gone to a hip hop show. So I am going to curl up with my knitting and rubbish tv and keep trying to convince myself that I am sleeping well at night. It's all the mind!

Happy weekend,
♡ ashley


  1. Adorable...and that food makes me very very hungry.

  2. The Zzz's are still a bone of contention in our home too with our little 21mth old man not knowing the meaning of the word sleep. There is light at the end of the tunnel though...I have teens who are the complete opposite and would sleep 24/ if we allowed it :)


  3. Aila is nearly 4 and still wakes more nights than not. sorry. with elliot i had zero expectations of sleep and am slowly getting used to functioning on not much. sleep deprivation bites. be gentle with yourself. xo

  4. What a great score from the op shop!!
    And that hat ... I love it - super cute.

    I have had many a night not knowing if I have been up in the night and if I was how many times, or even what I did. Lack of sleep is a killer - I agree ... be kind to yourself.



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