being present

August 28, 2011

I have recently read a blog post that caused me a wee aha moment, the kind that makes you sit back and take a think about how you want to live.
These moments are important because they allow us to welcome change with open arms.
Honest to blog, I think too much, like wheels turning all the time, waking at 3am because I need a solution to a problem that really isn't. I sit, planning, goal setting, thinking about what to do next.
Rarely do I take the time to sit and savour. Which is the reason I am making my new goal something different, instead of the plan of where I will be next year, next month, in an hour, I am present here and now. It feels good.

In the moment you can savour the smells, tastes, sounds and feel of what is right there in front of you waiting to be enjoyed. For me, it has been the basics. My beautiful family, the fresh air when we play outside, the garden, the food we plan and cook and enjoy, and the friends who come by who I now stop every other thought to focus on. I am here, in this moment.

The week that was...
hump day nuggets (on our family hump day (saturday)).

puddle play on the driveway

truly free range eggs

avos plucked fresh from the tree

old italian recipes

hanging with friends

lunch in a giant grassy field

and a home filled with so, so much love.

♥ ashley

p.s. join in on the nuggets here, and if you do let me know, would love to see them, xx


  1. Congratulations on a lovely new space :) This is a lovely post. Love those tiny toes in rain puddles.

  2. Updated, visiting, and loving your new space. What stylish lass your girl is :)

  3. This is so true. All to often I get caught up with my mind running a million miles an hours and as a result miss out on some of the most precious moments that are happening around me. It's time I stopped to savour the little things.

  4. love an egg with feathers on it...



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